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“Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together”

Mark Twain

World Oldest City Varanasi

The city known as Varanasi, Banaras or Kashi is the most sacred place for Hindus. Kashi or Varanasi is the city of knowledge, wisdom and spirituality. Varanasi is the considered as thecenter of the Universe it is believed that at the time of Pralaya (dissolution) everything come to an endat the center. So in Indian religion and mythology Varanasi is the most important place.

Situated at the bank of the holy river Maa Ganga. This sacred city of Lord Shiva is also called as Kashi, Varanasi, Avimukt-keshetra and Mahasahmashaan. To explore the beauty of Varanasi best place to stay at Sunaina guest house in Varanasi which is near all famous key locations in Varanasi.

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The City has Various Name


Because the city is enlightened with the light of knowledge.(kashate Prakashate Gyanjyotiriti Kashi, काशते प्रकाशते ज्ञानज्योतरीति काशी).

Because it is situated between the two rivers named Varuna and Assi.(वरुणा अस्सि तयोर्मध्ये वाराणसी).

Because Lord Shiva never wants to leave this city even at the time of Pralay(न विमुक्तं शिवेन इति अविमुक्तक्षेत्र).

Because at the time of death Lord Shiva himself gives Taarak-Mantra (Moksha Mantra) to the disciples.



Shiv Ki Nagari Kashi

Varanasi city is also one of the Shakti Peethas and one of the twelve Jyotir Linga sites of India. In Hinduism it is believed that those who die and are cremated here get an instant gateway to liberation from the cycle of births and re-births.

Shiv-Nagari. Varanasi is the most popular destination for the Indian and foreign tourists. The people all over the world want to come to Varanasi at least once in their life.



Shopping is always fun but shopping in a whole new destination is even exciting and experimental in behavior too. It’s good to go prepared when it comes to buying a few things from the destinations chosen by you for exploring. So here’s a list of what special things you can buy from Varanasi:

  • Banarasi Silk Sarees
  • The sacred water of the Ganges
  • Wooden Crafts
  • Gulabi Minakari
  • Crystal and stone Shivlinga
  • Rudraksha Mala
  • Ethnic clothes
  • Amazingly carved Stone Sculptures
  • Flutes, Books etc


  • Kachori Jalebi
  • Banarasi Paan
  • Banarasi Malaiyo (The creamy dessert)
  • Thandai
  • Baati Chookha
  • Tamatar Chaat

The Sunaina Guest House in Varanasi Welcomes You

So, this year get ready to take a break from your daily life and come to Varanasi, have a holy dip in Maa Ganga , have darshan of Lord Shiva (Baba Vishwanaath), visit the Bauddha Tirth Sarnath and Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviyas world of knowledge – Banaras Hindu University and many more…


We invite you for a week to feel the fragrance of Kashi and to enjoy the lifestyle and food of this heritage city. For your comfortable, homely and economical homestay in Varanasi please come to our Paying Guest House The Sunaina Guest House, Ravindrapuri, Varanasi and give us an opportunity to offer the best homely hospitality to you and your family which is under your budget hotel in Varanasi.

With warm Regards

The Sunaina Family

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